Anadrol Hubei (10 mg/tab) 50 tabs

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Product: Anadrol
Manufacturer: Hubei
Quantity: 10 mg/tablet
Pack: 50 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Oxymetholone

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Anadrol Hubei (10 mg/tab) 50 tabs

Description and Uses

Bodybuilding is such an engaged activity, including wide-ranging resistant workouts and weight lifting to add high quality muscle building features for aesthetic or competitive purposes. For this drive, some oral and injectable supplements are necessary for sufficient strength and mass gains. Anadrol is an oral anabolic-androgenic steroid, fairly comparable to testosterone in its mechanism. It promotes massive muscle growth and development by stimulating comprehensive anabolic responses such as nitrogen balance and protein storage.

The active substance is oxymetholone. It dramatically enhances its efficacy if combined with a high calorie diet regimen. Oxymetholone is known to be a long acting drug with a reasonably gradual onset of action and sustained efficacy. It drastically improves appetite resulting in an abundant food intake and weight gain.

Anadrol is a good treatment option for diseases such as; anemia, muscle weakening and immune system failure. Apart from this, it is primarily a bulking agent that provides supreme support to the joints and connective tissues by an adequate collagen synthesis. The associated aromatization leads to the expression of estrogen effects in terms of fluid retention and muscle bulge.

Hubei- A well-known Pharmaceutical Company developed with the name of Hubei Haungshi, based in China and concerned with research, development, quality control, manufacture and selling of premium quality steroid finished products all over the world.

Dosage and course

The typical dosage guideline for men is 0.5 – 0.8 mg/kg of the body weight.

Novice bodybuilders should restrict their starting dose to 50 mg/day and progressively increase it to 100 mg after one or two weeks.

Women are generally recommended to take 50 mg/day with further slicing into smaller administrations.

The maximum dosage limit for advanced and high level profssional athletes is 200 mg/day.

The optimal duration of the cycle should range from 6 to 8 weeks.

Anadrol is an anabolic steroid with good and moderate effect on the body.

Also in the markets of many countries is known with names such as Anadrol, and of course the oxymetholone Anadrol.

Course oxymetholone

It was developed in the 1960s as a medication for the treatment of diseases such as anemia and osteoporosis.

In addition, used widely in medicine, the drug was due to their properties and treatment of muscular development in debilitated patients portfolio.

In turn, these properties have begun to use drugs in the sport, especially in bodybuilding.

The drug is widely used by many athletes, so you can achieve the results as pronunciation muscle growth, a significant increase in energy performance and the body's physical resistance. The drug also eliminates pain in the bones and joints of the athletes who are recovering from this type of injury or operations.

Pay attention to the fact that the best effect is achieved by the combination of this formulation with other anabolic steroids. This also increases the number of red blood cells in human blood.

Studies have shown that after the course of 12 weeks, an average of athletes increase muscle mass observed on average 3.4 kg.

In addition to a set of muscle mass, is also observed the burning of the layer of fat in the body, giving it a beautiful and attractive appearance.

Oxymetholone can achieve a significant increase in muscle mass. On the other hand, these assignments are available including those who is not trained.

In contrast to other anabolic steroids, the drug has no adverse toxic effects in human liver.

Despite all the positive aspects, while taking this steroid, its course is recommended only for people over the age of 21 years who underwent a medical exam and have no health problems.

Duration should be no more than 6 weeks, since under the chemical characteristics of the drug best effect is observed in the first week of the course.

At the end of the course is required to begin after the course of therapy. This removed the drug from the body safely and significantly reduce the likelihood of these or other side effects.

On the stage once the course of therapy is recommended to take medicines such as torimefen, clomiphene. In this case, the difference of other forbidden tamoxifen.

Oxymetholone dosage

The maximum dose of the drug should be approximately 100 mg per day. It must not exceed, as laboratory tests, it was confirmed that the increase of the dose does not lead to better results, but instead can lead to an increase in the risk of side effects.

In addition, during the course that must follow a special diet, and take sports sports nutrition, as well as make other recommendations trainer and doctor.

Oxymetholone views

A formulation as mentioned above has excellent properties for the set of muscle burn excess fat.

Besides the effect in the body, and the drug has a good effect in increasing power efficiency and strength athlete.

The side effects

CABE noted that medication is not converted into estrogen, however often can cause the buildup of fluid in the body, Gynecomastia, increase blood pressure and others. Please note that it has a relatively low activity of oxymetholone progestin (compared with progestins: nandrolone and trenbolone). Therefore, in the extreme case, is recommended to use blockers of prolactin.

In some cases (when high doses are used), the drug can cause diarrhea, impaired appetite, cause mild nausea. Oxymetholone is less that most steroids suppress the production of testosterone.


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