Nolvadex Hubei (20 mg/tab) 30 tabs

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Product: Nolvadex
Manufacturer: Hubei
Quantity: 20 mg/tablet
Pack: 30 tablets

Steroid cycle: Antiestrogens & PCT

Active substance: Tamoxifen citrate

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Nolvadex Hubei (20 mg / tab) 30 tabs

Description and Uses

Why feeling worried about side effects after a steroid course?

Here is the most widely-held ancillary drug- Nolvadex with an active constituent known as Tamoxifen citrate, to be used during the post steroid course for compensation of negative effects caused by an extended steroid use. Nolvadex is a non-steroidal drug concerned with the treatment of ovarian and breast cancers in females by virtue of its property of opposing estrogen related effects. It is also categorized as a SERM (Selective estrogen receptor modulator) for its feature of blocking estrogen receptors, thereby protecting the muscularity from unnecessary fluid preservation and fat deposition.

Hubei- A well-known Pharmaceutical Company developed with the name of Hubei Haungshi, based in China and concerned with research, development, quality control, manufacture and selling of premium quality steroid finished products all over the world.

Nolvadex is believed to be highly prevalent in the world of bodybuilders as a post steroid therapy agent. Consequently, it promotes the maintenance of lean muscle mass development and regulates weight loss. Nolvadex optimizes the lipid profile and improves the cholesterol levels. Tamoxifen is an ideal supplement to be used during cutting phase and pre-contest cycles to get sufficient hard mass. It promotes overall well-being of an athlete.

Dosage and course

The ideal dosage for the treatment of estrogen related side effects is 20-40 mg/day.

Some athletes usually prefer to take up to 60 mg/day for better results in a short span of time.

The active-life period of Tamoxifen citrate is 5-7 days.

The optimal cycle duration for a post cycle therapy with Nolvadex is approx. 3 weeks.

It is often combined with other ancillary medications such as Clomiphene and Human chorionic gonadotropin for other reimbursement features.


Drug widespread in medicine, in particular as a drug for the treatment of certain stages of breast cancer.

The main active ingredient of the drug is all well known and familiar to tamoxifen. For the same reason, it is often called - tamoxifen as Nolvadex, tamoxifen. In addition, this drug is a quite rare medicine, since it belongs to a special group of hormones.

In bodbildinge, the drug is also very popular in the first place, thanks to its unique properties to reduce the risk of female hormones in the blood of the athlete.

Tamoxifen is not attributable to the Group of androgenic agents. Similarly, it does not belong to the Group of medicines anabiotic.

Bodybuilders use it as a means to reduce body weight, increase athletic performance and muscle mass.

Tamoxifen course

Take courses recommended medication after receiving anabolic steroids. To achieve better results and efficiency, it is recommended to combine the drug with the Proviron technique because it does not affect the production of the hormone of the growth in the body and increases the amount of anabolic hormones.

If the drug is the primary means of post-cycle therapy, it is desirable to include in the course from the last week of the course and finished at the end of the second week.

If it is not included in the complex therapy of Proviron treatment, medication should be after - the second week and the week ending 2-3.

Take the medication along with steroid cycles, it must be added to the end.

Tamoxifen dose

The optimal dose of the drug is considered 10-20 milligrams.

The maximum daily dose is 40 milligrams. Exceed is best not worth it if you do not want to replace a basket of various side effects. The dose of the drug is chosen in such way that has maximum possible efficiency and meet the challenges to it, and at the same time, was the maximum it is harmful to the human body, i.e. had a minimum risk of the emergence and existence of various side effects.

It is recommended to combine the drug with an aromatase inhibitor.

Tamoxifen side effects

The side effects of the drug are associated with its properties anti-estrogenic. Excess dose can be filled with the hair loss, hot flashes, sweating, rapid heartbeat, general fatigue.

As a result of diuretic renal system and retention of fluids in the body, which can be interrupted.

Sometimes, in some cases taking the medication may cause skin rash.

Liver damage is possible only in case of serious illness of the body.

Tamoxifen views

The high efficacy of the drug is confirmed by research and scientific laboratory tests.

Famous Bulgarian masking Lazar angels in their criticisms mentioned that the drug is able to receive steroids to the competitive season, the combination with a diuretic.

Tamoxifen has a positive effect on the number of units of high-density cholesterol, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, significantly reduces the risk of serious cardiovascular disease.

A great advantage of the drug is its effect on the liver. It is in the liver, which shows the greater estrogenic activity which has a positive effect not only on the work of the liver, and all other systems and organs of the body.

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