Sustanon 250 (MAX PRO) 2500 mg/10 ml

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Product: Sustanon 250
Manufacturer: Max Pro
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Decanoate

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SUSTANON 250 (MAX PRO) 2500 MG / 10 ML

Description and Uses

Sustanon is a power package of 4 testosterone esters.

Max Pro- A well-reputed pharmaceutical company located in Thailand and belongs to the manufacturers of other huge pharma companies. Max pro is identified for its broad range of steroids with constant results.

Each 1 ml of Sustanon contains;

Testosterone Propionate 30 mg

Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60 mg

Testosterone lsocaproate 60 mg

Testosterone Decanoate 100 mg


This injectable steroid blend is not an ordinary mixture. It provides immensely comprehensive beneficial effects such as;

Treatment for hypogonadism

Efficient compensation for testosterone deficit

Muscle mass gain

Amplified strength

Fastest recovery

Protein storage

Optimizes the sleep pattern

Regulates the nutrition and physical activity

Decreased fluid retention capacity

Well-suited for cutting and defining phases

Therapeutic effect against deferred puberty

Enhanced erythrocyte count

Better oxygen transport and optimum circulation

Helps in performing heavy workouts

Increased resilience and resistance

High libido level

Dosage and course

The dosage of this potent testosterone mix is 250-1000 mg/week.

The half-life period is also the blend of the individual half-life periods of the esters. It is about 10-20 days.

In the post steroid cycle, HCG and Clomid are usually recommended so as to effectively compensate the effects of steroid.

Sustanon essentially suppresses the levels of naturally produced hormone and these ancillary drugs would help to manage that testosterone disturbance.

The optimal cycle length is 8-10 weeks.

It must be administered on a weekly basis to maintain the stable blood plasma levels.

Sustanon - a synthetic drug with a long history. It was synthesized in the 50-s of the last century.

Widespread that it received in the medicine. There used as a remedy for the progression and growth retardation.

It is also often used as an addition to testosterone, namely, the maintenance of normal levels of testosterone between injections.

As part of the present drug with additional testosterone esters, such as propionate, phenylpropionate, decanoate ester.


The course of Sustanon is only recommended for adult men that have no health problems and have been admitted to receive medical examination.

The main objective of the drug - the best and fastest set of muscle mass.

The course of the drug typically takes about 10 weeks.

If the course has a duration much longer, then subject to the mandatory addition of course gonadotropin.

From the second week of the course it is recommended to start taking aromatase inhibitors. This will help avoid many side effects or reduce their consequences.

Three weeks after the completion of the drug should begin after the course of therapy. As in many other cases, it carries out using tamoxifen.

In addition, for greater efficiency, take sports nutrition course and respect the special sports diet is recommended.

Like many other steroids, the drug can be used in the combined courses.

For a set of mass muscle most athletes use nandrolone.

For drying and expressed relief, the drug is combined with Winstrol.

This combination in both cases, not only improves the training and improve performance, but also to reduce adverse effects.


The initial dose of the drug begins with a mark of 250 mg every two weeks. The dose can be gradually increased.

There are cases in which a series of professional athletes took a range of doses of approximately 2000 mg per week.

A feature of the preparation is that in humans, can remain active on the order of 1 month.


Sustanon - it is one of the medicines most important and Basic for a set of muscle mass and drying.

It is equally well be used as a course in solo and with other anabolic steroids.

In addition to bodybuilding, the drug has been used successfully in other sports, notably in the light and the heavy athletics, boxing.

In addition to the growth of muscle mass, the drug can also increase their resistance. Muscular endurance increased not only because of the components of the composition of Sustanon, but especially during the resort's reception with nandrolone or Winstrol.

Compliance with all recommendations, including recommendations for sports nutrition will also bring many advantages.

Famous bodybuilders recommend coaches and athletes to eat the food that is particularly rich in proteins and hydrocarbons.

The drug during its operation can significantly improve appetite. It is also beneficial to the process of circulation in the body, eliminates the possibility of lack of oxygen in the cells, increases the number of red blood cells, improving libido.


Like all products based on esters of testosterone, unfortunately, tends to convert into estrogen. Therefore, the side effects such as acne, Gyno, edema and body fat, suppress natural testosterone function occur. Many of these side effects can be prevented if specific aromatase inhibitors are taken.

In addition, as a result of the Suppression of testosterone production can move testicular atrophy.

During the administration of the drug, many bodybuilders there is a significant increase in the temperature of body, weakness and fatigue. Such a condition similar to a condition when a person is sick with the flu.

Tests taken from athletes who were taking the drug have shown that elevated levels of bad cholesterol found in the blood. However, this problem is resolved the intake of fatty acids omega-3 during the duration of the course.


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