If you prefer payment by credit card there is two options.

First - you can use - www.Wordremit.com or www.transferwise.com

It is easy online payment method.

Second option is Western union online -

Here are instructions:

1 step:
VISIT WEBSITE - http://westernunion.com/
Choose your country and language

2 step:
Put mouse on button "Send money" and click on "Learn More" or "Get Started"
Scroll down and fill form:
Sending money to ----> Slovakia
Amount ----> Amount of your order
Enter your billing ZIP code
Click on "continue"

3 step:
Click on "send money now"

4 step:
Click on "register now"

5 step:
Fill registration form with your personal details

6 step:
Click on "Send money now"

7 step:
Pay by credit/debit card ----> To a bank account

8 step:
Fill form sending money to - Receivers name, surname, IBAN, bank name.


Bank address:

9 step:
Fill your credit card details

Address of the recipient: contact us: info@steroids-2016.com

If you have any kind of questions feel free to ask us.

Best Regards