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In this article I will discuss the issue of drafting muscle (called. "Cutting"), which is nothing other than the target getting rid of unwanted body fat has accumulated during the "bulking" and efforts to maintain at the same time already built up muscle mass.

In this article I will discuss the issue of drafting muscle (called. "Cutting"), which is nothing other than the target getting rid of unwanted body fat has accumulated during the "bulking" and efforts to maintain at the same time already built up muscle mass. I will build again from their personal experience and no nenahováram follow me. So if someone does, it's his decision.

Even at the beginning it should be noted that the cutting process is gradual, arduous and long-term. This means that while it gradually goes through several phases, doing nothing fits and starts and gradually tightening the. You'll need a really strong will and a certain amount of self-denial and a relatively long time. The results are gradually emerge and with them you will surely be satisfied. But it will not be easy. So while I yet did not deter you and you're really determined to do something to get rid of the excess kilograms, read on.

It is very important to set a reasonable target and date. For me, the aim is to achieve a certain weight by a certain date. The difference between a "bulk" and weight can be targeted with each other. It depends on who it needs or wants conformity. I not recommended to give you exaggerated goals. It is optimal to lose 1 to 1.5 kg of body fat per week in men and 0.5 to 1 kilograms per week in women. It follows that the more you choose to drop, the longer it will take your rysovačka. The term you may be some competition, vacation, or just any other date. Its importance is that it forces you to do it expires achieve the objective.

So ended bulk. The needle on a personal gain shows an incredibly high value muscles is successfully hidden under layers of fatty tissue, veins you practically do not occur and all clothing is you kind of small. High time to take shape ...

First need to slightly adjust the diet. Divide your food into the precise time units, accidental eating already not an option. I suggest you divide it into 5-7 smaller units. Food with a high fat content, the only the full as well as confectionery or other food containing simple sugars. Fruit should also be limited, it can be used only if the morning or shortly after training. The exclusion itself unhealthy high-calorie food, and it should result in the loss of a quantity of body fat. I suggest you cherish (understood as a measure of weight) of food you receive and determine how much you which contains (protein, fat and carbohydrates). This will give you an accurate track of how much you actually eat during the day and in the later stages of weight loss you know where you can still get tough.

Another important thing in weight loss is the addition of aerobic activity. The top will do its inclusion only after a workout at the gym, but later you will probably have a workout and beyond and to maximize the impact of the best morning
Fasting. I'm starting with "aerobic" after training lasting 10 minutes every other week and increase its length by five minutes, until you come out on 30 minutes. Furthermore, longer increases. If that's not enough, ranked aerobic training even after overnight fasting in length from 20 to 30 minutes and days when do not practice in the gym, 40 to 60 minutes sometime during the day. After aerobic workout legs but usually do not give.

After some time, when the fat with loss slows, I ranked so. carbohydrate waves. This is a modification of the diet so that the intake of carbohydrates from day to day changing. Me has proved high saccharide start the day, followed by moderate carbohydrateand finally the low-carbohydrate a day and around. Protein intake remains unchanged. Such a system starts drawing muscles in higher rotations, but is also quite demanding on the psyche. The low-carbohydrate diet days on end going up to 50 g of carbohydrates per day. And this is the real killer on the psyche.

Gradually as to restrict the intake of food supplements containing also to prevent catabolism. Proved to me glutamine, BCAA amino acids and MCT oil.

From supplements to promote weight loss and I use clenbuterol ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin), and three weeks after their substitute. Never not to use them together.

Z as used in cutting mainly testosterone propionate, stanozolol, oxandrolone and mesterolone. From time to time, trenbolone acetate or boldenone undecylenate. Thus, I prefer things that cause high water retention and see it for yourself how I manage to lose weight.

This is from me on the subject of cutting everything. Training'm over it virtually unchanged, only at the end classify more isolated exercises and slightly increase your sets and reps. However, this is only the last few weeks (approx. 3), otherwise almost always work out as well as in bulk. It should be noted that the drawing of the particular food. When receiving less power as it issues and poor. If you receive more and gaining weight. That's what it's all about. No science in it is not necessary to look for.


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