Sleeping pills & Antidepressants 

Sleeping pills & Antidepressants
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Product: HYPNOGENManufacturer: TakedoQuantity: 10 mg/tabletPack: 30 tabletsSteroid cycle: Sleeping pillsActive substance: Zolpidemi tartras

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Product: LEXAURINManufacturer: KRKAQuantity: 3 mg/tabletPack: 28 tabletsSteroid cycle: AntidepressantsActive substance: Bromazepamum

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Product: FRONTINManufacturer: EgisQuantity: 1 mg/tabletPack: 30 tabletsSteroid cycle: AntidepressantsActive substance: Alprazolamum

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Product: XANAX SRManufacturer: PfizerQuantity: 1 mg/tabletPack: 30 tabletsSteroid cycle: AntidepressantsActive substance: Alprazolamum

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Product: NEUROLManufacturer: ZentivaQuantity: 1 mg/tabletPack: 30 tabletsSteroid cycle: AntidepressantsActive substance: Alprazolamum

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Product: DIAZEPAM Manufacturer: SVKFARMQuantity: 5 mg/tabletPack: 20 tabletsSteroid cycle: Sleeping pills Active substance: Diazepam

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What TRAMAL RETARD TABLETS is and what it is used forTramadol - the active substance of TRAMAL RETARD TABLETS - is a painkiller that belongs to the group of opioids that affect the central nervous system. It alleviates pain by acting on specific nerve cells in the spinal cord and in the brain.TRAMAL RETARD TABLETS is used to treat moderate to severe pain.

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Vitamin C infusion therapy is designed to support a wide range of diseases - cancer, covid 19, coronavirus, recurrent infections, allergies, arthritis, fatigue syndrome, burnout, depression, and helps in wound healing. Supports the immune system for athletes and ordinary people, Recommended delivery of 4 packs per month. We recommend as PCT for each...

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