Methandienone - Dianabol 

Methandienone - Dianabol

Methandienone - Dianabol


The drug was synthesized in the 50s of the last century.
In the free market it appeared in 1958 in the United States.
At that time, the drug is produced in a single form - oral, ie as tablets.

The weight of each tablet was about 5 mg.
The first commercial name of the drug is Dianabol.
By the way, this name is preserv...

Methandienone - Dianabol


The drug was synthesized in the 50s of the last century.
In the free market it appeared in 1958 in the United States.
At that time, the drug is produced in a single form - oral, ie as tablets.

The weight of each tablet was about 5 mg.
The first commercial name of the drug is Dianabol.
By the way, this name is preserved in our time - steroids on the market can be seen as a drug under the name methandienona and Dianabol. It depends on the manufacturer and the country where the drug is sold.

From the beginning of its existence, Dianabol has taken an important place in the category of drugs for bodybuilding.

Of course, this fact is not safe from the members of the International Commission of doping, and soon, dianabol was included in the list of drugs whose presence is mandatory to check the blood of the athlete.
However, the presence of the drug was tested at a time.

Until the late 60s of last century, the drug is not considered doping, moreover, at that time there was no technology that could have revealed the Dianabol in the athlete's body.

At that time, there were other, stronger and more serious steroid doping, which were under the control of the doping commission more.

The drug has a 17-alkyl group in its structure. As a result, in the case of exceeding admissible doses to considered detrimental and can cause jaundice.

1 tablet contains medication methandienona 0.1g, crospovidone, magnesium stearate, Ludipress and dye.
The drug belongs to a group of hormones.

the effect of anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents, insulin and hypoglycemic drugs, as well as side effects of hepatotoxic drugs is increased. Reduces the effects of growth hormone and its derivatives (accelerates mineralization areas epiphyseal growth of long bones). GCS and ISS, corticotropin, Na ± contains medicines and foods rich in Na +, increase (each) of fluid retention in the body, increase the risk of edema, increased acne severity. It acts synergistically with the use of drugs nandrolone (19-nortestosterone).

The composition of the drug can cause side effects reception, such as the progression of atherosclerosis (increased LDL and decreased HDL levels), anemia iron deficiency, peripheral edema, dyspepsia (epigastric pain , abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting), abnormal liver function with jaundice, leukemoid syndrome (leukemia pain in the long bones), anticoagulation with a tendency to hemorrhage; The long-term therapy - gepatonecrocis (dark stools mixed with blood vomiting, headache, malaise, respiratory failure), hepatocellular carcinoma, liver purple (dark urine, discoloration of feces, hives, point or hemorrhagic rash makuleznye skin and mucous membranes, pharyngitis or sore throat), cholestatic hepatitis (yellowing of the sclera and skin, pain in the upper right quadrant, dark urine, discolored feces), increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, chills, increased or decreased libido, diarrhea, feeling of fullness in the stomach, bloating, cramps, sleep disorders. In women: virilization effects (enlarged clitoris, deepening or hoarseness, disco and amenorrhea, hirsutism, steroid acne, oily skin), hypercalcemia (CNS depression, nausea, vomiting, fatigue). Men: prepubertal - virilismo (acne, penis enlargement, priapism, formation of secondary sexual characteristics), hyperpigmentation of idiopathic skin, slowing or stopping the growth (calcification of the growth areas of the epiphysis of the long bones) ; postpubertal - bladder irritation (increased urinary frequency urgency), mammalgia, gynaecomastia, priapism, reduced sexual function; elderly - hyperplasia and / or prostate carcinoma. Overdose. Symptoms: hepatotoxicity. Treatment: gastric lavage, the appointment of symptomatic therapy.

In addition, it can be seen as fever, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, fatigue.

The drug use
Dianabol relates to steroids with anabolic activity. A molecule of the active substance penetrates the cell nucleus, genetic influences on the machine, causes their activation. This improves the synthesis processes of development of molecules of DNA and RNA, structural proteins. Dianabol also activates enzymes of the respiratory chain, which naturally leads to the intensification of the processes of tissue respiration, catalysis reactions of oxidative phosphorylation, strengthen the development of synthetic processes for ATP. All these effects lead to the accumulation of energy-rich molecules in the intracellular space. The drug causes stimulation of anabolic processes, catabolic inhibits reactions in the body caused by corticosteroids. Drug therapy leads to a set of muscle mass, reduces the amount of deposits of fatty tissue, causing negative balance of nitrogen molecules. Dianabol promotes synthesis of erythropoietin with the execution of hematopoietic action. The tablets have anti-allergic effect due to the influence of complement fractions. Dianabol promotes the formation of secondary sexual characteristics in men due to androgenic activity. The drug lasts up to 14 hours.

The tablets are taken orally. The daily dose - 5-10 mg. The maximum daily dose - 50 mg / day.

The drug is not prescribed to pregnant women.
Combination with other drugs

The drug can be used in combination with a course of such drugs as nandrolone.

In addition, it is not a drug combination with stanozolol (30 mg each).
For experienced bodybuilders, he developed and implemented a course consisting of a set of products methandienone testosterone propionate, which in this case should consume in a day at a dose of no more than 50-100.
For beginners or those who are afraid of potential side effects, the drug complex with boldenone, and stanozolom. In this case, boldenone used in the first course of 8 weeks of 600-800 mg per week in combination with 40 mg methandienona. In the last week of the course Stanozolol 40 mg per day is included.

Many well-known athletes, although not especially boast, but still use the drug in his career. This merit of its unique properties, which help burn body fat, which increases the percentage of muscle mass parameters.
It also reduces the time of recovery after a long grueling workout.

At the same time, if fulfill recommendations of coaches and experienced specialists, and not exceed the maximum recommended dose of the drug, you can minimize or even spend some side effects of taking the drug.

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