Oxymetholone was developed in the 60s of the last century.

Its main purpose in medicine is the treatment of anemia and osteoporosis, people who have problems anabolic processes in the cells of patients suffering from low weight.

For the first time in the open market, he enrolled at the beginning of the 60s in the United States under...


Oxymetholone was developed in the 60s of the last century.

Its main purpose in medicine is the treatment of anemia and osteoporosis, people who have problems anabolic processes in the cells of patients suffering from low weight.

For the first time in the open market, he enrolled at the beginning of the 60s in the United States under the name of Anadrol-50.
Preparations used for anabolic purposes.

Despite all the good reviews, in 70, the scope of drug use drastically reduced and limited to only treat patients with anemia.
The drug's ability to rapidly increase the level of erythropoietin has led to the appearance on the market version 50 mg of the steroid.
With the advent of recombinant erythropoietin, oxymetholone production began to decline on a large scale.

The extent of displacement of the drug have been so high that by 90 - IES many athletes from around the world expected to eliminate the production and the complete disappearance of the drug from the market.

However, in 1997, the company "Sintex" sold all rights to make and sell the drug in the US, Canada and Mexico, the company "Yunymed" which certified the drug as a means to combat HIV / AIDS .

In 2003 he began operating the second phase of HIV treatment programs in which oxymetholone not the last place was reserved.

The drug successfully struggled with the symptoms of anemia in patients.
Furthermore, the effectiveness of the drug has also been shown in the treatment of lipodystrophy.

Until today, the drug is available outside the United States, but their distribution controlled.

oximetalon substance is part of many steroids.
The best known and popular among athletes worldwide are oxidrolon, oxipleks, Anadrol, androlik, oxidrol, oxitabs, oxidzhet, Andover.

The active drug substance is classified as high estrogenic activity.
The drug also has a chemical name:-methylene-2-hydroxy-17a-methyl dihydrotestosterone.

Adults take 2-5 mg / kg per day. Course duration - up to 6 months. The dose and duration of the course should be changed depending on the therapeutic effect. In applying the drug in the complex therapy with cytotoxic agents or radiotherapy, the maximum daily dose is 150 mg. Drug treatment is preferably carried out under the control of blood clotting. Oxymetholone is prescribed in combination with other drugs used to treat anemia.

The composition of the drug may cause side effects:

Anapa - steroid 17-alpha, which means that, like methane, has some hepatotoxicity. However, the strongest toxicity to the liver and kidneys - just rumors. Of course, in the course of liver values ​​they are a bit pricey, but if you know when to stop and stick to a reasonable dosage, then serious problems with this vital organ can be avoided. As is known, Anadrol is used to maintain normal life in carriers of immunodeficiency virus. Therefore, oxymetholone use in a daily dose of 100 mg for 30 weeks not even lead to adverse changes in the liver.

The drug use
Many athletes belong to the most dangerous drug. Therefore, to reduce the risk of your body, you need to build a speed of receipt of the "ladder" of drugs.

The main positive aspects of the drug, according to the athletes is a quick set of indicators of muscle mass and power.
In addition to bodybuilding, he has received widespread drug and medicine, where many serious diseases are treated.

Oxymetholone significant contribution in the treatment of serious diseases such as HIV / AIDS.

Therefore, a drug widely used for maintaining the condition of patients, the treatment of anemia, and general weakness loss patient body weight.

Now is the time to consider the practical aspect of the question ... The wide range of daily doses overdone, is part of a pill a day and extends to the inhuman values ​​of 300 and 400 mg. The usual duration of reception - 6 to 8 weeks. Rate should be no more than eight weeks, as in this case, the likelihood of health problems increases many times.

Newcomers missing completely, as a rule, two tablets a day for steady progress in strength and weight. For advanced chemicals to take risks and launch a 150-200 mg per day or more. As with other oral medications, I recommend taking Anapa after eating, drinking plenty of fluids tablets. The daily dose is divided into two or three stages and drink during the day at regular intervals.

Then, as usual, made no attempt to paint several versions of a course Anadrol reception.

Combination with other drugs
Oxymetholone refers to drugs that are not recommended for use in a complex with 17-alpha alkylated steroids. Due to the rapid anabolic effect, the drug is ideal as a "quick start", as their effect is felt almost immediately after ingestion.

In order to establish an effective muscle mass, the drug is often used in combination with boldenone, trenbolone, Primobolan.
To increase athletic performance to a complex of the drug and testosterone esters stanozolol suspension is also included.
However, it should be noted that the complex stanozolol oksimetilona reception and in case of violation of the borders of the recommended doses, may result in damage, and in some cases, and ligament tears.
The drug is often used by athletes before competition, as it gives relief and the fullness of the muscles of the body.

The drug is not a steroid, massive and universal, which is suitable for all athletes. You can not put on a par with such methandienona popular steroid or how Turinabol.

We can say that this is a drug that can be recommended for experienced athletes, who are well aware of all possible side effects of taking the drug and has no health problem.

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